I might go back to Amsterdam.

I've been to beautiful Amsterdam twice in my life. The first time pretty much right after I had come home from Canada in June 2015, and the second time for New Years Eve 2015. (At Museumsplein.) I just recently found out that I really haven't taken that many photos there. And I also discovered that… Continue reading I might go back to Amsterdam.

Camping in Amsterdam.

I had just arrived home after a year in Canada. I had a bad case of Fernweh. That's how I came to travel to Amsterdam to meet a friend. And, because I was adventurous back then, I decided to stay at Amsterdams Urban Campsite, where you sleep in artwork. I booked that thru AirBnB. And… Continue reading Camping in Amsterdam.

New post on 500px: Amsterdam Centraal Crowds

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More Amsterdam pictures. 

(Urban Campground) (Anne Frank House) (A Graacht) (Urban Campground) (Amsterdam by night) (New Years Eve in Amsterdam)