Weird Vintage Lenses.

Over the years, I came to own several Vintage Lenses. Most of them came with Vintage Cameras I bought at flea markets, got gifted or, in one case, inherited. Some of those lenses are really quite weird. For example the Canon 35-70mm 3.5-4.5A I got with my Canon 1000N. It's not the oldest lens that… Continue reading Weird Vintage Lenses.



While in Hamburg, I decided to shoot some good old old-fashioned film. The first roll of 24 went smoothly. But that's when I screwed up big time. First, I almost lost my Pentax ME's mode dial into a gutter. That thing comes off frequently. This time it's locking pin flew out as well. Luckily I managed… Continue reading I SCREWED UP.

I got a second analog camera.

I got a new old camera from my father. A Canon 1000N with a vintage AF only 35-70mm lens. The fact that the lens is, or at least appears to be, AF only is actually quite odd. I also got also a bunch of 35mm film. We were digging through our basement to find something… Continue reading I got a second analog camera.