Black & White Photography

Colourful Photos are awesome. But sometimes, it has to be a good old Black & White Image to set the mood straight. For me, Black & White, or Monochrome Photography is extremely beautiful. But that is only the case if it's done right. I see more than enough B&W Pictures on the internet that should… Continue reading Black & White Photography

My favourite shot of Utrecht.

I took this picture back in 2015 when I visited a good friend that I had met back in Canada, and who lived in Utrecht at the time, to celebrate New Years in Amsterdam. It was also the first time I traveled with my then new DSLR. It was also the first time I actually… Continue reading My favourite shot of Utrecht.

New post on 500px: Dundas square

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New post on 500px: Amsterdam Centraal Crowds

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New post on 500px: Brandenburg Gate Gathering

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Why I like black and white portraiture. 

I really love colours in photography.  I also love colour in portraits like this one: (A sports portrait of Croco) But sometimes I just feel like doing black and white. Sometimes it just feels right. Sometimes black and white is the only way to go. Like with this pic: (It's actually a DSLR selfie) It… Continue reading Why I like black and white portraiture.