Why I went mirrorless last year.

Last year, I got gifted a new camera for no particular reason. My only task was to choose between DSLR and Mirrorless. And off course also in which system to invest.

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I love new toys…

and I just got one delivered yesterday. I ordered it mostly because a broke my bendy pentapod thingy (that means it was a five-legged thing), but mostly because I broke my iPhone mount. And even more, because I got G.A.S.*.

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Why I do photography.

And also why I write photos with an ‘F’.

Since I was quite young, I really enjoyed photography.

When I got my first digital camera, I totally went nuts with it, snapping multiple shots of just about anything. That camera broke. So I needed a new one.

That was when I got my first SONY camera (a DSC-W275), what was also the first camera I bought myself. I really loved it and I used it a lot. But I somehow broke the screen while traveling in Croatia.

After that, I went on some kind of hiatus, just snapping everything with the crappy little camera of my iPod touch.

That changed when I graduated from Highschool when I got a SONY DSC-HX20v as a graduation gift. And that was when my style of photography changed, mostly because I was thinking about composition a bit more. That was also when I first started to edit using Pixelmator on my iPad. Sadly, that camera went into a lake in Canadas Algonquin Park with me as a friend of mine accidentally tipped the canoe we were riding back then. Luckily I got it back to working condition with the help of a bag of rice. Except for the GPS and integrated flash unit.

Fast forward to Christmas 2015, when I got my first DSLR, a Canon EOS 100D, known as a Rebel SL1 in the Americas. I also got myself an Adobe Creative Cloud photography plan and a 50mm f/1.8 Prime lens. Next, I’ll buy a 55-250 Tele lens and a new tripod, since some crappy cyclist broke my old tripod.

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PS: I write photography with an ‘F’ as an homage to my home country of Germany.