A day of Classic Cars.

Classic Cars are beautiful. And today we had a Classic Car Convention here in Osterode. Up until today, I had totally forgotten that OTTO was in town again. Originally, I had planned to explore some place in the Harz, but that will have to wait until next weekend. Classic Cars in Osterode. Classic Cars are… Continue reading A day of Classic Cars.

I love classic cars.

I really like to include cars and other things in my landscapes for scale. I usually take what ever is coming at me. But I definitely would love to include more classic cars in my photography. Classic cars are just beautiful and unique, unlike most modern cars which mostly look the same, no matter who… Continue reading I love classic cars.

The Porsche I saw in town.

Yesterday, I saw one of my all-time favourite cars, just a few blocks from home. I was actually waiting for a friend to pick me up to go to the movies when I saw a beautiful silver Porsche 928 sitting there on the curb. I wish I had the keys to that one. Only thing… Continue reading The Porsche I saw in town.

OTTO 2016

Yesterday OTTO happened once again.  OTTO is an annual Oldtimer meeting in Osterode am Harz, Germany.  This year was the 16th edition. And cars aging 20 years or older were allowed to take part in the happening.  But before I wandered through lines of classic cars, I did my duty as a citizen and voted… Continue reading OTTO 2016