I barely go to the Bergbauernmarkt anymore.

I absolutely love the Bergbauernmarkt in Zellerfeld. You can get everything there, but mostly food. And the food is awesome. There is just so much variety. You can even get Dutch, Hungarian and other international goodies there. But the thing is: It is always extremely crowded right from the get go. And while I have… Continue reading I barely go to the Bergbauernmarkt anymore.

Steak & Bread

Sorry for the silence. Just wasn't inspired by anything. So I've been to Zellerfeld today to pick up some blueprint paper for university. And because it was the first of May yesterday, the Bergbauernmarkt (mountain farmers market) is open again. Because I had time at hand and was feeling peckish, I decided to walk the… Continue reading Steak & Bread

The local market right at my front door. 

Every Saturday from 9am to 1pm the so called 'Wochenmarkt', a weekly market (not in the winter, when there is a cosy little Christmas market), takes place pretty much right at my front door. It's quite a happening in my German hometown of Osterode, with loads of vendors, multiple farm stands, a huge flower stand… Continue reading The local market right at my front door.