Berlin ePrix (2/3)

On the second day in Berlin, my friends and I rented an electric car, saw electric cars race and had a lot of fun. I woke up quite early, mostly because it was warm and I heard the S-Bahn all night, but also because I had set up an alarm. Because I knew that it… Continue reading Berlin ePrix (2/3)

Last weekend in Berlin. (2/2)

Sunday though was an entirely different story. We had to be out of the shitty hostel by 11 am, but we left for the second day of Formula E way earlier than that. We had a great last day ahead of us. We arrived at the Tempelhof Airport during second free training, but that didn't bother… Continue reading Last weekend in Berlin. (2/2)

Last weekend in Berlin. (1/2)

Last weekend I traveled to Berlin to watch the 2017 Berlin ePrix. That's a part of FIA Formula E. It's similar to other Formula championships, just electric. We arrived Friday afternoon, just to find out that the Hostel wasn't very nice. It smelled of smoke and our room didn't have any keys. So we left our… Continue reading Last weekend in Berlin. (1/2)

I’m going to go to Berlin. 

I've been to Berlin for the Formula E ePrix last May. I'm going to go for this years dual ePrix with some friends.  It takes place on the former Tempelhof airfield on the weekend of June 10th.  I'm going to have a great time again.  See more on Formula E here. 

Berlin was amazing. 

I had an absolute blast when I was visiting Berlin in May 2016. I visited the Berlin ePrix (formula e) with a few friends and luckily had some time to wander Germany's largest city before the event.  The German Football Cup (that's soccer for Americans), but since I'm not interested in football, I didn't go. … Continue reading Berlin was amazing.