Kit Lenses.

On my Family Trip to Lübeck last Month, my old 18-55mm Kit Lens plain out refused to work. It was very dirty and I had not been using it in a long Time. Last Week, I then discovered that most of my absolute favourite Fotos were actually taken with that plasticky Kit Lens, and I… Continue reading Kit Lenses.

Bring Batteries.

I really love Photography. I also love my Mirrorless Digital Camera. But there are two things that can totally ruin the Experience. Cards and Batteries. Today, I was out trying to take some Fotos for FoodTribe. I had everything with me. My Props, a few Lenses my Camera with a SD Card in it and… Continue reading Bring Batteries.

My usual Camera Settings.

Landscape Photography is awesome. I really love being out in Nature, Exploring around and taking beautiful Fotos at the same Time. But I am pretty sure that I do things quite differently from the ‘proper’ Landscape Photographers. For Starters, I rarely use Tripods, because I generally despise using Tripods. A beautiful Tree. I guess that… Continue reading My usual Camera Settings.