Osterode from above.

We had some beautiful weather today, and so I decided to climb the tower of the St. Aegidien Market Church once more today. And the views didn’t disappoint. Only that I had my camera set to the wrong mode for a part of the journey.

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#nordsee_rr Recap.

Last weeks short trip to the North Sea was amazing, especially since I’ve been doing it with my family.

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Wattwanderung & Wilhelmshaven

Today me and my family did that Wattwanderung we had inquired about yesterday. In the afternoon we then dropped of my brother at the train station in Wilhelmshaven.

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Tossens & Fedderwardersiel

People who follow me on Instagram might know that I’m currently spending some time on the North Sea coast with my family. I arrived on the train with my grandma yesterday evening, so we didn’t do much then. Today we had an awesome day on the sea though.

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How to get around in Germany. 

When traveling in Germany, you have many options. You can drive, fly, take the bus or ride a train. If you are lucky enough to get a ride share (like a BlaBlaCar), that is always an option to consider just from a price point.

If you’re unlucky, but you still want to save money, you have two, maybe three options.
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New post on 500px: Brandenburg Gate Gathering

Clausthal: The city of lakes. 

Clausthal-Zellerfeld has a rich history as a mining city. The Harz produced a variety of metals, including silver and lead. And because the underground mines needed a lot of water to drive it’s lifts and other machinery, the miners built a lot of artificial lakes. Sometimes even multiple of them in a row. And since the water needed to go somewhere, after it was being put to good use, they dug tunnels to lead it away from the mines. 

Due to that, and due to the fact that there where a lot of mining operations in the Upper Harz Area, there where over 250 lakes built between the 16th to 18th centuries. 

Some of those lakes are used to provide fresh drinking water to the area, while some are used for recreational purposes only. Read more about the so called Oberharzer Wasseregal (Upper Harz Water Regale) here
More Photos of the Haus-Herzberger Teich (Teich means a small lake/ pont):

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