My favourite places in Germany.

I live in Germany. And while I love travelling abroad, and going to do so next week, there are also many awesome and beautiful places here. And for me, it is even kinda affordable to get around in Germany. (It is for pretty much everyone.) But everyone, including me, has their favourites. These are mine.… Continue reading My favourite places in Germany.


Hamburg in 6 minutes. This is the video I shot while in Hamburg. I shot it entirely on my iPhone 6s with FiLMiC Pro and in FiLMiC Log, except for the thumbnail. I colour graded with DaVinci Resolve (the free version) and Peter McKinnon LUTs. Stitched it all together and added the letterbox in iMovie. Thumbnail made with Adobe… Continue reading Hamburg in 6 minutes.


So I've been to Hamburg with some friends for the last few days. We had a great time. I left for the train station early Monday morning to head to Hamburg via Braunschweig and Uelzen. One person got pulled from the train for manipulating his ticket. How stupid. It wasn't me though. I had a… Continue reading Hamburg.

New post on 500px: Hamburg Architecture

(via 500px

New post on 500px: Hamburg

(via 500px

Been to Hamburg with my family. 

To days ago, my mom turned 50.  And my stepdad gave her musical tickets as a gift.  Those tickets were for 'Das Wunder von Bern' in Hamburg.  So I went to Hamburg for the third time in 2016.  We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and went to the musical. It was quite fun.  Yesterday… Continue reading Been to Hamburg with my family. 

Hamburg: Day Two 

Today started early. And by early I mean really early. At around 7:30am.  I had breakfast at the hostel and then left for the Hamburg Museum. I got lost in a park and arrived at the museum at 9:45am. And I was early. It didn't open until 10:00am.  I was there just about two hours,… Continue reading Hamburg: Day Two