The first picture I ever took in Canada.

Back in 2014, I boarded a plane from Frankfurt to Canada. It was in April, and it was the day before Good Friday. I arrived in Toronto on the afternoon of April 17. After I went through customs and got my work permit, me and the group I travelled with got picked up by our travel company in an airport shuttle, which was actually a party van.

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They found a tank shell in my hometown. 

> Police Announcement (German)

Since I live in Germany, I have learned a lot about the crimes of the Third Reich. 

I’ve also learned a lot about the misery that German civilians went through, particularly to the end of World War II. 

So it didn’t really came a surprise when they found what they suspected to be a dud (a bomb that didn’t went off, called ‘Blindgänger’ in German) under a now demolished sales pavilion right across the street from where I live. (It was found in the catacombs under the pavilion.)
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Stolpersteine: little memories for countless people. 

Stumbling blocks are small, cobblestone shaped, brassen memorials (> website). 
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