A day at FSG 2017.

Yesterday evening I set out on what was supposed to be a great adventure with some friends. We departed Clausthal at around 9 pm to drive to Frankfurt/ Main. That would be our base station for the next few days. My friends dropped me off at the hostel at around 1 am today. And we wanted to meet by 8 am to arrive in Hockenheim at around 9. It was a bad night. I couldn't fall asleep, and I woke up early. But I made the rejoin time with just minor delay. And so we set off to Hockenheim.

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Hockenheim FSG 2016

I had a real good time yesterday at the German Formula Student competition in Hockenheim. 

There of course where a lot of industry sponsors showcasing their work and calling for people to apply at their companies (for example Schaeffler Group, Daimler, Volkswagen etc.)

Since it was the last day of the event, it was endurance day. 

There where teams participating from all over the world. Ranging from Germany over the US to India, there where a lot of teams to make their pitch. 

Some cars almost made it to the goal line, going DNF just in the last few rounds. One car (from Sevilla, Spain) burned out, several had traction or battery/ engine malfunctions, one cars right front wheel even broke off (Chalmers FS, Göteborg, Sweden). Even 2 of the top five didn’t make it all the way. 

But of course Delft (from the Netherlands) won. 

All in all it was quite an interesting day. More pictures will be coming up soon. 

TEASER: Going to Hockenheim tomorrow. 

I’m going to be at the Hockenheimring Motor Circuit in Hockenheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany tomorrow. I’ll be visiting the FSG (Formula Student Germany) event that’s taking place there as a visitor. I’m most interested in the FSE (Formula Student Electric) lineup of race cars.