The long way home.

Every journey ends at some point. My time in the Netherlands had ran out on Saturday, and so I had to go home. The journey did not went as planned.

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Having fun in the Harz.

Last Friday, I’ve been to Hahnenklee in the Harz. And because I was already there, I decided to get up mount Bocksberg with the cable car. So I looked for a parking lot, and then made my way to the valley station.

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New post on 500px: Amsterdam Centraal Crowds

Went hiking yesterday. 

I decided that, since I had nothing better to do, that it could be fun to go for a little hike. I did 7.89 km (4.9 miles) in one and a half hours. 

And it was amazing. Even though it was quite warm (there even was an official heat warning issued for my hometown), but hey, what’s water meant for?

So go out and get exploring! Even if you think you know a place, there’s always new things to be discovered. 

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The local market right at my front door. 

Every Saturday from 9am to 1pm the so called ‘Wochenmarkt’, a weekly market (not in the winter, when there is a cosy little Christmas market), takes place pretty much right at my front door. It’s quite a happening in my German hometown of Osterode, with loads of vendors, multiple farm stands, a huge flower stand and loads of other stuff. 

(Of course you can also get fresh strawberries during the season.)

During the summer months, you can make your way up the tower of the St. Aegidien church, from where you can enjoy quite the view of Osterode. 

It’s for free, but you can leave a donation at the towers door. You’ll also get a pin saying ‘Ich war oben’ (I’ve been on top [of the tower]), no matter if you donate or not. They’ll also tell you a bit about the history of Osterode. The tower climb is also at the end of a guided tour of the tourist information.