The last days of #photokina2018.

I’m sorry that I’m a bit late on this post.

So the last few days have been quite busy. Wrapping up Photokina and delivering an awesome birthday surprise to a good friend of mine. It’s been awesome. Continue reading


Today, I finally managed to visit a store I actually wanted to visit for ages. Ewert’s Teas and Spices in Göttingen. I always caught a hint of smell when I walked past it before, but the store was always closed, or I didn’t have the time. But today, the time was finally right. I had almost two hours two spare.

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Winter is coming fast.

A few days ago, it just rained.

Then, it hailed.

And now it’s snowing and I don’t have winter shoes just yet. Luckily my winter tires are on my car since two weeks.
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What inspires me to do more. 

As some may know, I’m studying Geoenvironmental Engineering at the Clausthal University of Technology in Germany. I’m not going to bad currently. But I still have to do more.

I’m not okay with mediocre. Doing things mediocre is not good enough.

So with the words of Casey Neistat, let’s always do more.

And I mean it. Don’t just do your academic work. Don’t just do what you need to do. Find yourself a club. Find something you’re passionate about. Just do more than people would expect from you.

Push your limits. Only you can find out who you really are.

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