Long Exposure Photography.

Some of my best pictures so far have been Long Exposures. It just seems to me that I am actually not to bad at it. Even though I absolutely love Long Exposure Photography, I am usually way to impatient to set up my tripod and get my settings dialled in. Luckily, you can also do… Continue reading Long Exposure Photography.


Getting the Shot.

A lot of us are great when it comes to babying their Cameras. Some of those people are also good at getting the shot. I'm not one of those people. For me, my Camera is just a tool to get the Shot. That doesn't mean I don't take care of it. I usually carry it… Continue reading Getting the Shot.

Night Photography in the Rain.

I absolutely love Night Photography, especially Long Exposures. But doing so in the rain has, up until now, been pretty much impossible for me. I would have always needed a roof or a ledge to stand under and protect my Camera from the weather. That has changed a few days ago, when my plastic Rain… Continue reading Night Photography in the Rain.

Why I don’t usually use tripods.

A lot of landscape photographers use tripods and ND or graduated filters for their photography. They usually also wait for the perfect light. I don't use my tripod that frequently. Tripods are just a hassle to set up and move around to find your composition. Off course they have their place in landscape photography, and… Continue reading Why I don’t usually use tripods.

My favourite picture from the Netherlands.

My trip to the Netherlands last week has been awesome. But since I'm still a university student and still do have exams to take, it took me quite some time to finally finish up my favourite shot from that trip. To take that shot, I literally and figuratively had to abandon my friends for aabout… Continue reading My favourite picture from the Netherlands.

So I went to Rotterdam (Day 4 & 5)

We had originally planned to go to Amsterdam, but we also hadn't planned to go to Schiermonnikoog in the first place. So it was decided to spice up our trip a little more and went for Rotterdam instead. I had booked a bed at the StayOkay in Rotterdams iconic cube houses for me and my… Continue reading So I went to Rotterdam (Day 4 & 5)

Long Exposure Photography… without a tripod.

You need a tripod for long exposure photography, right? Now I have used one, on top of my car, for the header. I thought that way for a very long time, but here's the thing: You don't. There are many other things that you can use. As long as your camera sits in a stable… Continue reading Long Exposure Photography… without a tripod.

Some long exposure shots. 

Here are some long exposure shots I did today. All are shot in the manual 'M'-mode with the following parameters: Shutter speed: 15 seconds  Focal length: 18mm Aperture: ƒ/8.0 ISO speed: 100  I used my new Manfrotto tripod for this little project.  All where imported to my iPhone and processed with Adobes Lightroom Mobile.  (The… Continue reading Some long exposure shots.