A day of Classic Cars.

Classic Cars are beautiful. And today we had a Classic Car Convention here in Osterode. Up until today, I had totally forgotten that OTTO was in town again. Originally, I had planned to explore some place in the Harz, but that will have to wait until next weekend. Classic Cars in Osterode. Classic Cars are… Continue reading A day of Classic Cars.


Feierabend is awesome!

Here in Osterode, from May to September, we celebrate Feierabend every first Thursday of the Month. We have some Street Food, fresh Beer and Live Music. It is always quite nice there. It is actually quite crowded, thanks to the good Food and awesome Beer. Some delicious Craft Beer. Usually, I do not have much… Continue reading Feierabend is awesome!

I absolutely love filming in the dark.

I am a huge Photography Nerd. But lately, I came to enjoy shooting Video quite a bit as well. Especially at night, when there is little light and when there are few people around. I usually shoot those videos with my two fastest Lenses, so that I do not have to raise my ISO too… Continue reading I absolutely love filming in the dark.

At the Sösetalsperre.

After having exams this morning, and after a quick stint at my Formula Student Team as well as a quick session at the gim, I had to soak in some sun at the Sösetalsperre. It was just to windy to do that in Clausthal. So I figured to do some more landscape photography with my… Continue reading At the Sösetalsperre.

Police Open House.

Yesterday, the police hosted an open house in Osterode. And because I was interested in it, and also because I had nothing else todo, I went. I initially thought that I wouldn't have long when I arrived at the local station, because the internet told me that the event would end at 3pm. It ended… Continue reading Police Open House.

#12 OHA City Beach Cup

For the twelves time, Osterode's main market place was covered with tons of sand to turn it into a beach volleyball court. I originally only wanted to pay a short visit today, but I ended up staying for quite a while taking pictures for my universities team. Just as I was originally preparing to leave,… Continue reading #12 OHA City Beach Cup