While checking out the Activity App on my iPhone, I found out that today is #WorldEnvironmentDay. I had never heard of that, so I did a little research. Turns out that this time around it is time for Nature. And I absolutely love Nature! Yesterday at the Sösetalsperre. The Foods we eat, the Air we… Continue reading #fornature

Shooting Products in the Wild.

Yesterday, I was out Exploring around the Entensumpf in Clausthal. I had quite a bit of fun doing so. But I also did some Product Photography on the Side, because I really like that lately. And Product Photography outdoors is even more fun. You just have to go into the Forest and find a Tree… Continue reading Shooting Products in the Wild.

The Liebesbankweg.

Today, I was out Hiking again. This time, I went on the Liebesbankweg near Hahnenklee, and I brought some Friends along. When we arrived in Hahnenklee, we almost left again right away, because it was Hailing. But then it stopped and we started our Journey. It also snowed. After about one and a half Kilometres… Continue reading The Liebesbankweg.

Fog, Mist & Haze.

Landscape Photography is so awesome. I usually prefer good Visibility for my Photography, but sometimes, it is quite Foggy here in the Harz. I used to not shoot when it was Foggy. But lately, I came to like that quite a bit. Fog just makes the Picture that little bit more mystical. And I really… Continue reading Fog, Mist & Haze.

New post on 500px: Somewhere in Cologne.

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New post on 500px: Park Mont Royal

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New post on 500px: Feet

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New post on 500px: The train.

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New post on 500px: Majorca

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