My first photo book.

[Ad] So I actually ordered my first photo book after planning many. I was sceptical at first, mostly because those Saal Digital ads always popped up in my Instagram stories, but I have to say, it turned out really nice.

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Why I have two tripods. 

From time to time one needs a tripod. A sturdy one.

I have two. Both made by Manfrotto, but that’s not important. They’re both sturdy and pack neatly.
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Tips for street photography.

heirI love it to photograph life as it happens. Street photography is a great asset to history, and it has been since the advent of small factor cameras. It helps capture life as it happens. It’s pure, but not unbiased, depending on the photographer. But of course, there are some things to take into consideration.

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How I edit my photos. 

Just to let you know: I do edit every photo I share online. Weather it’s just for Instagram or if I put it up on EyeEm or 500px, I tweak it until feels right.
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Why I love photography. 

After traveling, photography is my favourite thing to do with my free time. I get to do it way more than the first one, though.
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Why I shoot RAW. 

I shoot RAW.

– Jared Polin

A quote that in itself doesn’t say a lot. But when you see it in context, it makes much more sense.
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Tips for long exposure photography. 

I love those nice long exposure shots. Soft waters, light trails you name it. 
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