About Summer

As we all know, a Year has multiple Seasons. Autumn for example, that is my Favourite. Or Spring and Winter. And than there is Summer. Nothing special ever happens in Summer. In Winter, everything is white, Spring and Autumn are marked by beautiful Colours. All that Summer has is the Heat. And Tons of Insects,… Continue reading About Summer

A Waterfall in Herzberg

Just a few Days ago, I heard about a beautiful Waterfall in the next Town over, Herzberg. I had to see that with my own two Eyes, but the Weather was usually quite bad. And since I had no Idea about the Condition of the Paths there, I decided to postpone. Starting Yesterday, the Weather… Continue reading A Waterfall in Herzberg

New post on 500px: Park Mont Royal

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New post on 500px: Feet

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New post on 500px: Majorca

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New post on 500px: Orchids are my favourite flowers.

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New post on 500px: Going for a walk.

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