Why I don’t usually use tripods.

A lot of landscape photographers use tripods and ND or graduated filters for their photography. They usually also wait for the perfect light. I don't use my tripod that frequently. Tripods are just a hassle to set up and move around to find your composition. Off course they have their place in landscape photography, and… Continue reading Why I don’t usually use tripods.


Scale in landscapes.

I love landscape photography. Our planet is just so beautiful. But sometimes, I like to iclude things into my landscape shots for scale or subject. A good landscape doesn't need anything else but it's natural beauty. But sometimes, that isn't enough. Soemtimes, there just isn't enough bezass in the shot. In such cases, I use… Continue reading Scale in landscapes.

Don’t be afraid to crop.

I know a lot of people who don't edit their images. But I know even more people who would never dare to crop their images even a tiny bit. I'm not one of those people. Of course it's better to get your composition right straight away. And I usually strive to do so. But sometimes,… Continue reading Don’t be afraid to crop.

The best photo spots in Cologne.

I absolutely love Cologne. It's such a beautiful city. Here's a list of my favourite photo spots. There's no particular order to this list. 1. Between Hohenzollern and Zoo Bridge. Looking down the Rhine, you can get some nice photos of Colognes skyline, including the dome. This spot is especially nice by night, but there… Continue reading The best photo spots in Cologne.

How to post Landscape oriented pictures on Instagram.

Most people might know that their pictures are less likely to just get swiped when they take up more screen real estate on Instagram. But what if you still want to post that gorgeous Landscape shot you just took? The best way to use up as much screen space as Instagram will let you is… Continue reading How to post Landscape oriented pictures on Instagram.

Why I still shoot RAW.

Ever since I got my first DSLR, I'm shooting RAW. It's just way better if you want to edit pictures. Lately I've noticed the old RAW vs JPEG discussion popping up in several photography groups on Facebook, and that's why I'm going to explain why I always shoot RAW. (My favourite picture from the Netherlands.)… Continue reading Why I still shoot RAW.

Why I still use analog maps.

Whenever I go somewhere new, one of the first things I get is a printed map. I know that I could do anything I can do with that, and even more, on a digital map, but I somehow like the touch and feel of old school printed maps. Don't get me wrong, I also use… Continue reading Why I still use analog maps.

How to clean your camera.

If you're like me, taking your camera with you anywhere you go, it's bound to get dirty from time to time. And of course, you want a clean camera, or at least a clean lens and sensor, so that the dirt doesn't get in the way of the picture. So here's how I do it:… Continue reading How to clean your camera.

I definitely need to get a microphone. 

A few days ago, I had decided to do some video for my new YouTube channel. I ended up uploading some old footage from 2014, because the audio coming out of my camera just wasn't good.  Even the audio recording menu on the camera tells me to use an external microphone, as the internal might… Continue reading I definitely need to get a microphone. 

How to travel like a champion. 

In response to a daily writing prompt themed 'Champion'. I'm not talking sports champions. I'm not one. I wouldn't know what to write. But I do consider me a travel champion when it comes to saving money. And saving money is key. Whenever possible I try to get discounts on everything. When I get a discount or… Continue reading How to travel like a champion.