I kinda miss Toronto

A few Years ago, I was fortunate enough to live and also work in Canada for a whole Year. That was back from April 2014 to April 2015 though, and that is a long Time ago now. While I thought that I was okay with not being able to visit for now, it is getting… Continue reading I kinda miss Toronto

The crazy Journeys.

I absolutely love it to Travel. Usually, I take the easiest/ cheapest route to get to places. But sometimes, I chose the slightly crazier route. Or something goes terribly wrong. And than a standard old Journey turns into a crazy one. One example of a Journey gone wrong would be when I returned Home from… Continue reading The crazy Journeys.

5 years ago. Today.

Some may know that I have an obsession with everything Canadian. A few days ago, I watched a documentary/ travel report about Toronto on German TV, and I got a bit nostalgic. Mostly because 5 years ago today, I first set foot on Canadian soil. (The actual first picture I ever took in Canada.) Now,… Continue reading 5 years ago. Today.

New post on 500px: Dundas square

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Toronto: My favourite Canadian city. 

When I decided to go to Canada for my year abroad, I chose Toronto as my starting point.  Mostly because it was cheaper then flying into Vancouver.  I'm not saying that I dislike Vancouver. In fact, I could imagine living. But I like Toronto just a little more:) And yes, the TTC subway system isn't… Continue reading Toronto: My favourite Canadian city. 

New post on 500px: Toronto Skyline from Toronto Island.

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I want to go back to Toronto. 

Ever since I first layd foot on Canadian soil in Toronto, Ontario, I had a strong desire to come back over and over again.  And I did. I spent a lot of 2014 (April to June and parts of September.) there.  I volunteered for the local film festival. (> TIFF) I even left my payed… Continue reading I want to go back to Toronto. 

I love Toronto.

Since I first arrived in Toronto back in 2014, I would have never thought it becoming one of my favourite cities in the world. But it kinda burned in.   Yes, the TTC isn't the pinnacle of public transportation it could be, and yes, it's arguable that Toronto is a beautiful city, but that doesn't matter… Continue reading I love Toronto.

Why I love Canada (a.k.a. My Canadian Story)

Just after graduating Highschool in 2013, I set out to make a dream come true. I applied for a work permit for Canada under the IEC initiative (International Experience Canada).  I promptly got my work permit, and after making some money, I boarded an airplane to Toronto.  The day was the 17th April 2014. My… Continue reading Why I love Canada (a.k.a. My Canadian Story)