Keeping a Travel Log.

I love it to Travel. It is always awesome to get to see Places you have not seen before and do Things you have not done yet. But this Year, travelling has become very difficult, if not impossible. And so my old Journal has not gotten any new Entries, even I might just start one… Continue reading Keeping a Travel Log.

I like Jugendherbergen.

Whenever you go and Travel somewhere, you usually need a place to stay. Even if it is just to get some shut eye, it is good to have a safe place for the Night. And when you are on a Budget, nothing can beat a Hostel. And here in Germany, I usually prefer to stay… Continue reading I like Jugendherbergen.

How to get around in Germany.

I absolutely love Traveling. Weather I go abroad or stay here in Germany, it is just too exiting to see new tThings and visit new Places every once in a while. Sometimes I also return to Places that I have been to before. Things change all the Time, and it is always interesting to see… Continue reading How to get around in Germany.

Pen & Paper.

We all live in a more and more digitized world. Nothing works without the Internet, for some, not even simple Journaling. I personally have tried various Journaling Apps, but I always found myself returning to the simplest Methods of writing my experiences down: Pen & Paper. My Wandernadel Pass as a stand-in for my Journal.… Continue reading Pen & Paper.

What’s in my camera bag.

A lot of you probably have a camera bag to transport all your gear and also protect it from damage at the same time. While I prefer a backpack, there are other options, like sling style bags, available. For most people, what they have in their bags is basically the same. Most bring their camera,… Continue reading What’s in my camera bag.

Why should you travel as a university student. 

I love traveling. And doing so as a university student brings some perks with it. So here is why you should travel why you still go to university. The most obvious perk is of course that since you're a student, you get student discounts. Sometimes those discounts don't make that much of a difference, but sometimes… Continue reading Why should you travel as a university student. 

Get your accommodation sorted out before you travel. 

As much as I love traveling, I hate uncertainty. Mostly when it comes to accommodation.  I love to be spontaneous when I travel, but I always get a bed before I start my journey, so I mostly limit my spontanity to my day activities. You probably wouldn't enjoy exploring as much when you don't know… Continue reading Get your accommodation sorted out before you travel. 

Try local food. 

Of course it might feel intriguing to just eat what you're used to when going abroad. Like McDonald's or something like that. But trust me. You're missing out on a whole new world of tastes. You now people who never leave their hometown, because they're afraid of change? That's pretty much the same. Just in… Continue reading Try local food. 

Walk off the beaten path. 

I consider myself a traveler.  One thing that distinguishes us travelers from tourists is that we don't stick to tourist areas while on vacation. We dare to walk on the beaten path, to go where no foreigner has ever gone. Off course we also visit some attractions, they are still attractions for a reason. But… Continue reading Walk off the beaten path. 

Write about your travels. 

I love traveling. It is kind of my thing to explore new places, to walk off the beaten path. I don't really have a plan most of the time. I like it to be spontaneous. But there are some things that I need on my travels.  It might seem a little bit old school, but… Continue reading Write about your travels.