Why I still use analog maps.

Whenever I go somewhere new, one of the first things I get is a printed map. I know that I could do anything I can do with that, and even more, on a digital map, but I somehow like the touch and feel of old school printed maps. Don't get me wrong, I also use… Continue reading Why I still use analog maps.

How to travel like a champion. 

In response to a daily writing prompt themed 'Champion'. I'm not talking sports champions. I'm not one. I wouldn't know what to write. But I do consider me a travel champion when it comes to saving money. And saving money is key. Whenever possible I try to get discounts on everything. When I get a discount or… Continue reading How to travel like a champion. 

How to get around in Germany. 

When traveling in Germany, you have many options. You can drive, fly, take the bus or ride a train. If you are lucky enough to get a ride share (like a BlaBlaCar), that is always an option to consider just from a price point. If you're unlucky, but you still want to save money, you have… Continue reading How to get around in Germany. 

Tips for traveling: Sweden. 

I've been to Sweden with my family numerous times since I can remember. The longest for 6 weeks at a time.  Sadly, the last time I came to visit this lovely Nordic country for the last time to date in 2013.  After that I travelled Canada, the United States and the Netherlands. But I never… Continue reading Tips for traveling: Sweden. 

New travel series. 

'Every Journey begins with a small step.' From now on I'll share my personal travel tips and experiences in a series I call 'Tips on traveling'.  Posts in the Series so far: Canada (2 Parts) The Netherlands  Upcoming: Sweden  Croatia  Germany (Hamburg & Berlin) German North Sea 

Tips for traveling: The Netherlands 

The Netherlands are a beautiful country. I've been there twice since June 2016. I've visited Amsterdam, Utrecht and a place called Bunnik. And yes, I've seen the tulips and tried on some wooden shoes. They are far more comfortable than they might seem.  I've also made some Dutch friends. I even understand some Dutch words… Continue reading Tips for traveling: The Netherlands 

What I like about WWOOFing

WWOOF aims to provide volunteers (often called "WWOOFers" or "woofers", /ˈwʊfər/) with first-hand experience in organic and ecologically sound growing methods, to help the organic movement; and to let volunteers experience life in a rural setting or a different country. WWOOF volunteers generally do not receive financial payment. The host provides food, accommodation, and opportunities… Continue reading What I like about WWOOFing