Taking the Brockenbahn.

Yesterday, some friends and I decided to attempt to take the Brockenbahn again, after we already failed twice this year. At the first time, there was a storm. And at the second time, a train had gotten stuck in a snow drift the day before we wanted to go. But this time, it finally worked!… Continue reading Taking the Brockenbahn.



Snow. I'm over it for now. Since yesterday was the metrological first day of spring here in Germany, and it started snowing quite hard this morning, I'm really over it. Don't get me wrong. Snow has its place and time. But that time is colloquially known as winter. And winter is supposed to be over… Continue reading Snow.

Winter in Clausthal.

As I've written in a previous post (>click me), I love winter. Winter is awesome. Winter in the Harz is awesome. Winter in Clausthal is... different. It's still winter, and the snow still looks great... but not on the streets.The city of Clausthal is notoriously bad at clearing the streets. Only the university is worse… Continue reading Winter in Clausthal.


So it started. The fourth season of the year. The cold, snowy, icy one. Yes, I'm talking about winter. Ever since I've been in Canada between the years 2014 and 2015, I tend to really enjoy the snow. I do not enjoy driving in it though. Winter enlightens me and gives me new ideas for… Continue reading Winter.

Winter is gone again.

At least for now, winter is pretty much gone again. Don't get me wrong, it's still cold. But we hadn't had any real snow in weeks. Just frozen windshields and cold noses. I really wish we had snow now. I really love classic white Decembers. And in April it's going to blizzard again, just like last… Continue reading Winter is gone again.