Time-lapsing in the Harz. 

Yesterday I’ve been near Romkerhalle (near Goslar, in Harz) with some friends. We wanted to take some photos, and I wanted to do a timelapse. 

So I set up my tripod,  framed the shot, set my camera to manual and started the sequence I had programmed in the Triggertrap Timelapse Pro app. I chose an interval of 5 seconds. 

Off course I had to connect my phone to my camera, using a Triggertrap mobile dongle. Sadly, the Triggertrap company seized to exist, so you can’t buy a new adapter anymore. 

I put that leaf above the viewfinder to prevent the auto preview function from functioning. I had forgotten to disable that, and my camera dropped about 50 frames before I noticed the problem. 

For timelapse photography, it is very important to always have the same settings for every shot. If not, they’ll look different, and that would be noticeable in the final video. Or at least it would make editing in Lightroom more difficult. 

Of course you should set your camera according to your style, the time of day and the weather situation. 

Because it was very cloudy, I set my cameras white balance to approximately 6000K (or cloudy on a Canon). Because I like a more blurred (motion) look in my videos, I set my shutter speed to 1/50 seconds. For the aperture I used ƒ/8.0. I set my ISO to 400. 

I edited my files in Lightroom. I used a preset for that. Then I synced the edit across all frames. To do that, you select all the shots you want to sync by selecting the first frame and then going to the last one and shift-clicking that one. Then you press the sync button, select which settings to sync and then let your computer do the rest. I assembled the timelapse in Premiere (there are a ton of YouTube videos on that). Probably going to put it up on YouTube soon. I tried it in Lightroom first, but it’s so slow on exporting the video file. 

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