A day of analog vibes.

Yesterday, I visited a local flea market with the hope of finding myself an addition to my analog collection. There were plenty of cameras available, but I was out of luck, most of them weren’t in working order. And I have no idea how to fix a camera. So I left the flea market to finish the roll of Kodacolor 200 I had in my Pentax ME.

I got some interesting angles on my hometown, but I quickly got bored. So I decided to go for my car and hit the road. I got some shots of the plaster mountains and the local Kodak plants Kodak sign, they do printing plates for offset printing there.

With limited subjects available though, I decided to leave for the Sieber Valley. There, I took a few shots of the river and some derelict buildings.

Now I just have to get the film developed to see if I got any good shots. I’ve already loaded a roll of AGFA APX 100. Maybe I’m going to get me a pack of experimental, reanimated​ KONO Film and a new rope strap for my SLR.

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