I got a second analog camera.

I got a new old camera from my father. A Canon 1000N with a vintage AF only 35-70mm lens. The fact that the lens is, or at least appears to be, AF only is actually quite odd. I also got also a bunch of 35mm film.

We were digging through our basement to find something different, and there it was lying in a box. Alongside the camera where a few rolls of Ilford black and white film and also two boxes of two rolls each Fujicolor 200. In the camera was a just started roll. But I realized that to late and burned it by opening the film door.

Only downside is that all the film expired between 2006 and 2009. I’m still going to use one roll of each sort to see how it turns out. Today I burned through a roll of Ilford FP4 Plus with an ISO rating of 125 that expired November 2006. All my other film sits in the freezer for now.

The downside of analog photography for me is, that it’s quite expensive. Developing film is expensive. And the batteries I needed for that Canon 1000N that I found are 13€ + shipping + taxes, and that ads up to about 23€. And those batteries are not rechargeable.

I guess that’s what I like better on my Pentax ME. Sure, it takes batteries for the light meter, but it also works great without. Only that it then operates with a fixed shutter speed. And it doesn’t have AF. But it takes standard batteries that you can get in every drug store and they last a long time. Not like the batteries from today.

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