Camping in Amsterdam.

I had just arrived home after a year in Canada. I had a bad case of Fernweh. That’s how I came to travel to Amsterdam to meet a friend. And, because I was adventurous back then, I decided to stay at Amsterdams Urban Campsite, where you sleep in artwork. I booked that thru AirBnB. And I took the train there.

So I was sitting in the train towards Amsterdam Centraal. As soon as we crossed the Dutch border the train crew announced that there could be pickpockets on the train now, since we were in the Netherlands. We hadn’t even stopped anywhere on the Dutch side yet. We arrived pretty much on time though.IMG_2858.JPG

I then took the tram to the Campsite. It was fabulous. But also very sandy. My friend wasn’t there. She got into a bicycle collision in her hometown on the way to the train station.

So I had the small tent-house on poles for myself. It was fun.

(My hut is in the front left.)

On the first day, I explored Amsterdam for myself a bit. I also had a great water-fight and Moroccan dinner at the campsite.

On day two, I went to the Anne Frank House. There was a huge line of people in front of it. There was also a party at the campsite, as it was the official opening day.

On my last day in Amsterdam, I went for the Rijksmuseum and then headed home.


And that Urban Campsite was on German TV a few months later.