Photokina & meetup with Matt.

I love photography. I love Cologne. I love new gear. And I always wanted to go to photokina. And this year, I was able to do so!

On Wednesday, I didn’t go. But I took two awesome workshops at the Apple Store. One was a photowalk and one developed together with Chase Jarvis. He even liked a picture I put on to Instagram. Via Twitter.

(Said photo.)

Thursday than was my first day at the fair. I made the mistake of going there right when it opened. There were so many people! I got a chance to check out Canon’s new EOS R. It actually looks and feels quite awesome. In the evening I attended a meetup with Matt Granger, Phillip Bloom and Sarah Seal. For pretty much the first time ever, I won something in a giveaway. A Blackrapid camera strap. Because Matt told that he had a giveaway with my name on it when I asked him where it would be on IG direct. Thanks for that. Love it. I met so many awesome people during that meetup. It was a really awesome evening.

(Matt Granger.)

(Friday and Saturday post comes out on Sunday.)

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