The last days of #photokina2018.

I’m sorry that I’m a bit late on this post.

So the last few days have been quite busy. Wrapping up Photokina and delivering an awesome birthday surprise to a good friend of mine. It’s been awesome.

On Friday, I actually decided not to go to Photokina right when it opened, and that was a good decision. There were way fewer people at the security and ticket checkpoints, so I didn’t have to wait too long to get onto the fairgrounds.


(A random long exposure from my first night in Cologne.)


There was so much stuff that I wasn’t able to cover on day one of my Photokina experience, and one such thing was the GoPro booth. Didn’t stand a chance at their daily giveaway, but there was free beer afterwards! That’s how I discovered that I definitely don’t like Kölsch.

The other things I didn’t were the Kodak and CEWE booths because I had heard that you could get free prints there. They only did 5 prints per person though, but 5 is more than nothing, so I’m quite happy with that. And I have to say, I really like how those prints came out. Hit me up in the comments or via my contact form if you want one as a postcard, and I see what I can do.

The good thing was, that Photokina ran until 9pm on Friday instead of just until 6pm, so there was much more time to explore, talk and learn. When I arrived back at the Hostel then, I met the most inspiring person I met in a long time by the way of him bumping into me. And no, he was not a rude person, he was 100% blind. What I found inspiring about him was that he still travels with his son, who is not blind, and still does most of the things he needs by himself.


(A police car. A one of many that day in Cologne.)

I was actually a bit worried to get into some of the many anti-Erdogan demonstrations on Saturday, and I saw a lot of police indeed, but they ensured me that my travels and fair-going wouldn’t be impeded by anything related to the visit of the Turkish President. They were right. The only thing that hampered my fair-going experience that I had to leave my travel-duffle-bag at the security booth at Photokina due to a lack of lockers at the train station. That was very annoying, and I didn’t spend much time there anymore. So I kinda wasted one of my 3 student-discount tickets. But I’m okay with that, as I had two full Photokina days for the price of one.



(Captured on Saturday while waiting for the train home.)

There were no demonstrations hindering me on my way home, but the stellar performance of the Deutsche Bahn sure did its part. There were many delays because of malfunctions and vandalism. I don’t blame the Bahn for vandalism, but I think they need to do more to prevent it.

On Sunday I had a lot of fun Setting up a birthday surprise for a friend, and it went very well indeed. He didn’t suspect a thing;) There even were fireworks and a drone-ballet.


(Were we surprised our friend.)

I definitely had one of the best weeks of my life, apart from going to Canada and seeing my teams’ most recent Formula Student car drive for the first time. What are your favourite Memories? Tell me in the comment section down below.

PS: I entered to win Canon’s new EOS R, so whish me luck!



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