Flickering video.

After last nights night shift, a burst of creativity hit me, and I decided to film a bit. It was still very dark, with 6 am still being hours from sunrise at this time of the year, but I figured it could be fun. And it was.

But I derped hard.

Since I love to shoot pretty much everything in 24fps, I have my camera set up to record in NTSC, because it doesn’t offer that frame rate in PAL. That isn’t a problem in broad daylight.

But it is under artificial lighting. Because I live in Germany the power grid operates at 50hz, which causes the lights to flicker at 50hz. PAL records in that frequency. NTSC, however, records in 60hz. And that causes vertical flickering in videos. (read more about the differences in my source.)

And that doesn’t look good. In fact, it hurts my eyes.

So I had to record my little early morning project in 25fps and convert it to 24fps in post. That works, but I’d rather have it straight out of my camera.

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