Scale in landscapes.

I love landscape photography. Our planet is just so beautiful. But sometimes, I like to iclude things into my landscape shots for scale or subject.

A good landscape doesn’t need anything else but it’s natural beauty. But sometimes, that isn’t enough. Soemtimes, there just isn’t enough bezass in the shot. In such cases, I use cars for scale in my photography.

(This one wouldn’t be much without the car.)

Also, passing cars can add a dash of colour to the scenery. And sometimes, that is what’s lacking in a mostly green/ blue composition. A lot of landscape photographers wait for the right light, I wait for the right car, when I want to include a car in the shot.

(A dash of red can lead a long way.)

Off course, people are great for scale in the mountains or on the trail. But sometimes for me, it’s easier to just catch a car out on the road. Especially when you I’m out and about by myself. When I get the chance to include people into my landscapes, I grab it and use it.

(One of my favourite shots this year, with a person for coincident scale.)

Scale in landscapes is important to show how massive a scene really is. Sometimes a shot is nothing with a subject. I’ve taken shots of empty roads before, but a car on the road brings back some live to the scene. I’ve also taken countless shots of empty hills, but a friend or a coincident person in a shot always looks good. Escpecially when they wear some colourful clothes.

(I really like this one from Schiermonnikoog.)

So, what do you include in your landscapes as scale or subject? People? Cars? Your dog? Dogs in landscapes are awesome, but I haven’t had that luck in forever. Tell me in the comments down below.

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