Visiting the WeltWald.

Today, after going grocery shopping with my grandma, I decided to go to the WeltWald Harz in Bad Grundto take some Pictures and explore for a bit. I even got a Stamp towards my Harzer Wandernadel.

I arrived at the WeltWald, an Arboretum in Bad Grund, quite late, around 4pm. Originally I only wanted to go to their small suspension bridge. But after I crossed over it, I found out that there is a Wandernadel Stamp Box in the Arboretum.

The suspension bridge.

So I then decided to actually go around and explore a little more. They have so many different trees in the Arboretum. From little Maple Trees to giant Sequoias, they have pretty much everything there. I definitely have to return this Autumn to see all the beautiful colours!

The Seqouias in the Arboretum.

I absolutely love the peacefulness of that giant forrest! It is just so beautiful in there. Granted, the 12 kilometres of paths are going up and down the Mountainside, but that is what I love about the Harz. It is not just some plain old flat landscape.

The Stamp Box for the Wandernadel.

After some walking around the WeltWald, I finally found the Stamp Box to collect a Stamp towards my first Wandernadel in bronze which you can get for only 5 Stamps. There I discovered that, 1: I had walked past the Stamp Box at least twice without noticing, and 2: That I did not have my stamp collecting Booklet with me. I still got it on some old, empty envelop. So I hope it actually counts.

On my way to the WeltWald.

On my way to the WeltWald Harz I came past one of the many old Mine Shafts in the Area that are left over from Mining Operations that ended in the later half of the 20th Century. They are still an important part of our Heritage here in the Harz though. And a while ago, there were even talks of reopening the Mine Shaft you can see in the Picture above, the Grube Hilfe Gottes (English: Mine Help of God.).

Shot up the trunk of a giant Sequoia.

I had an absolute great time in the WeltWald, and will definitely return for those tasty Autumn colours later this year.

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