Changing Perspectives.

I really love Photography. But sometimes, it is a lot of fun to spice up the game a little bit. Lately, I try to do so by trying out different, new perspectives. And a great way to do so is my ‘new’ 10-18mm Ultra-Wide Lens, that I got used for 100€.

At 10mm, it is only 8mm wider than my previous widest Lens at 18mm. That was the 18-55mm Kit Lens that came with my first DSLR. But those 8mm are actually quite a bit when you leave the numbers aside. When when you consider the numbers, those 8mm actually translate to 12.8mm dew to the 1.6x Crop Factor of my Canon M5.

Shot Yesterday, after I picked up my package at the post office.

This shot would not have been possible for me with my ‘old’ gear, as I would have to back into a pharmacy to get this perspective. And I absolutely love how it turned out.

A Lollipop.

Sometimes, I like to hold stuff in front of my Camera to take Pictures of it. Like this red Lollipop. For those Photos, a short Focussing Distance is paramount. My arms just are not long enough for half a meter of minimum subject distance. The 10-18mm can focus as close as 22cm. It is also light enough to use it one handed and also comes with Image Stabilization. And I absolutely love Image Stabilization.

Shot at 18mm with my old Kit Lens.

With a maximum Aperture of f/4.5 at 10mm and f/5.6 at 18mm, it is not the fastest Lens ever made, but I actually do not really care about that. I usually shoot between f/5.6 and f/10 anyways. And as I have mentioned before, the Lens has IS. And for me, IS makes up for a slightly slower Lens.

Street Photography at 18mm.

After my last exam for this Semester tomorrow, I am going to use the Lens a little more to try it out for Landscape Photography, but I guess that I am going to love it quite a bit.

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