Lost Osterode.

I usually do not do Lost Places. But today, I came across one in Osterode by chance.

I had decided to drive past the Site where the old Hospital of Osterode once stood. That Building was demolished back in 2010 for various reasons, one of them being Asbestos. Today, you can see absolutely nothing of the former Hospital.

An old Hospital Chair in a Kiosk across the Street.

Across the Street from that now empty field that is slowly being reclaimed by Nature, sits an abandoned Kiosk/ electrical Substation that was probably meant to supply the Hospital with Power and its’ workers with Snacks.

The inside of the Kiosk.

The Kiosk is locked up with some Iron Bars, but its’ Windows are long gone and the floor is littered with Glass and rusted Spray Cans. one of the interior Walls looks like it was on Fire a while ago, as it looked charred.

The Kiosk from the back.

The whole Structure is covered in Graffiti, it more on the outside, with some of the ‘Paintings’ actually looking pretty cool. Obviously, I did not enter the Building, as I did not want to step into something or rip apart my jacket. I also did not want to have the Cops called on me.

Some of the Graffiti.

Originally, I only wanted to see if there was actually nothing left of Osterodes’ former Hospital, but I am actually kind of glad that I stumbled across this Lost Place, as I got some nice Pictures of it.

Shot from the Location of the former Emergency Room.

I actually have been inside of that Hospital once to visit my Grandpa, years before it was closed. It was also right next to my Kindergarten, and we always watched when there was a Helicopter coming, luckily, that did not happen to often.

Where the Hospital once stood.

Nowadays, the next Hospital from Osterode is in Herzberg. That is about 10-15 Minutes by Car. Of that is good or bad is not for me to decide.

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