#3DaysInHamburg: Recap.

My 3 Days in Hamburg where awesome! I met new People, walked around a lot and Explored without ever really stopping.

But now I am back Home, and it is Recap time.

Hamburg Central Station.

When I set out to go to Hamburg last Tuesday, I was a little bummed. That was because my Friend, who was supposed to come with me, had caught a quite bad Flue.

Hamburg Cityhall.

But after Exploring Hamburg alone for the Afternoon, I met a quite cool Guy at the Bar if the Jugendherberge in the evening. After having some non alcoholic Drinks, and having tried out a Basil flavoured one along the way, we decided to spend the next two days Exploring together.

The St. Pauli Elbtunnel.

On Wednesday then, we did a lot. We saw the Speicherstadt, walked all the way to the Rathausmarkt, Explored a Subway Station and had some fabulous Burgers at a Restaurant called Dulfs. We also walked through the Park and went Ice Skating there.

At the Elbbrücken Station.

On Thursday, we did not really know what to do at first, but after having the best Fischbrötchen, we decided to just walk around Hamburg for a while. We visited the Nikolaikirche Memorial and watched an Angler for a while.

Walking back towards the City from the St. Pauli Fischmarkt.

In the Evening then, we exchanged Phone Numbers, and after retrieving my Luggage from the Lockers, we waited for the Train. We then split up, because I had to go back home, and he got hungry from all the Exploring we had done.

Under a Bridge near the Elbphilharmonie.

I really had the absolute best time in Hamburg, and I am definitely looking forward to Explore more, and maybe even visit my new Mate down in Bavaria sometimes.

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