Why I always come back to Hamburg.

Yes, this is another Post about Hamburg. But fear not, it is not about last Weeks Trip there, even though that was awesome. No. It is about me and the City by the River Elbe.

Ever since I can remember, or maybe just since my first Trip to Hamburg long times ago, I love the City. To me, Hamburg kinda feels like Home, whenever I step of the Train there.

Hamburg 2016.

I do not really know what it is, but something always lures me back to Hamburg. With the exception of 2017, I visited the Pearl of the North at least once every year. In 2016, I have been there three times! Once in March, another time in October, and then again for my Mothers Birthday in December.

Taken in 2018.

Whenever I have a few Days of Time on my Hands, and a bit of Money to Spare, I usually end up in Hamburg. Except for this March. When I ended up on a Railtrip through the Netherlands, that was an awesome Trip as well.

One of my favourite Places in Hamburg: The Landungsbrücken.

The Weather in Hamburg is, let me call it, temperamental. Because of the big River flowing right through the City, the Elbe, it is pretty much unpredictable and can change at any Moment. And while I do like the typical Hamburger Schietwetter, it definitely is not for everyone.

In the Speicherstadt.

It is probably also not the People. While they are quite nice indeed, they are also very Wortkarg, which means that they are not a really talkative bunch. When you say Moin twice, you are a Schwätzer, or a Chatterbox.

From the Elbfähre.

Whatever it is, I absolutely do love Hamburg. Except maybe all the Traffic, but that is why I never drive there. For me, Hamburg feels like Home.

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