Wandernadel Level 1

Back in 2018, when I got my Wanderpass for the Harzer Wandernadel, I never thought that I would take this long to get my first actual Wandernadel, but I finally made it.

It all started in July, when I got my Wanderpass at the local Tourist Information here in Osterode. And because I wanted to have a Stamp, I searched out the closest Stempelstelle from Home.

Lerbach from the Kuckholzklippe (HWN 139).

I ended up Hiking to the Kuckholzklippe near Lerbach, were there is a small observation Tower. It is actually quite beautiful there.

In January 2019 then, I had decided to take the Train up to the Brocken, and that ride was pricey. So I decided to get my Stamp there as well. I have hiked up the Brocken in the past though.

On the Brocken (HWN 009).

I later tried to Hike to the Wolfswarte, but a Friend of mine almost broke his foot on the way up, and I have not tried since.

In September I then got my third Stamp at the WeltWald in Bad Grund. I only did a short round there, but it was worth it.

At the WeltWald.

For my fourth Stamp, I drove all the way to Wolfshagen to Hike around the local Diabase Quarry, which is abandoned. The Climb to this Stempelstelle was steep, but the views were captivating.

I just could not believe how fat Nature can reclaim Areas that have been abandoned by mankind.

The Quarry on the Heimberg (HWN 109).

Since December then, I got four more Stamps. The Schalker Turm (HWN 125), the Lochstein (HWN 126), the Iberger Albertturm (HWN 130) and the Oderteich (HWN 217). The first two of them in one go.

And with the Oderteich, I had collected my first eight Stamps, which allows you to get a Bronze Wandernadel.

Hiking to the Schalker Turm (HWN 125).

That was last Saturday. And on Monday, I tried to get that Bronze Wandernadel at that same Tourist Information. They were just sold out. I went there again today. Still sold out.

But since I had to go to Clausthal anyways, I decided to call the Tourist Information there. And they still had some Wandernadel Pins.

My Bronze Wandernadel.

My next Goal Hiking Goal is the Silver Wandernadel now, which requires eight additional Stamps. And I have already planned another Hike for nexts Weekend.

That one will only get me one Stamp, but I still recon that I will get that Achievement a little quicker than I made it to Bronze.

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