A few Clouds would have been nice.

Today was a beautiful Day. The Sun was shining, it did not rain. It was awesome. Except for when it comes to Photography. The Skies where just so empty all Day long.

I guess that was because the Wind blew all the Clouds away. It really was extremely windy, and that made today quite chilly, despite all the Sun and the lack of Clouds.

There where a few tiny Clouds.

After I got my Car fixed in Hattorf, a heat shield for the exhaust pipe had partially come off, and after getting some gas in it as well, I decided to capture some Fotos in the Feldmark between Hattorf and Schwiegershausen.

Up there, the Wind was even stronger. And the Wind Turbines up there are actually quite loud up close. And I am a big proponent of renewable energy.

Wind Turbines in the Distance.

I actually like it to spend some time in the Feldmark sometimes. It is usually quiet there, and there is always a Shot to be had.

Some of my favourite Fotos where taken in the Feldmark. And some of them even when I just had gotten my first DSLR back in 2015.

Schwiegershausen Seen from the Feldmark.

Except for the Wind and the resulting Cold, today was a really nice day. I also got a lot of stuff done, and that is always nice.

I also did a very short Video to ‘show’ the Wind.

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