The thing about BBAF.

The last few Days I have been trying out Back Button Auto Focus, or BBAF, on my Canon M5. It does not have a designated Button for that, but you can Map that Function to the Auto Exposure Lock Button.

The thing is: I really do not like BBAF. On my tiny Camera, the AEL Button does not necessarily fall into a position where it would be easy to use. In fact, it is in a really odd place.

I would have to bend my Finger really weirdly to be able to use BBAF with that Camera. But that is not the only Reason why I really dislike BBAF.

I tried using BBAF for this one.

The other Reason why I do not like BBAF is that I forgot that I had moved the AF from the Shutter Button to the AEL Button.

Now, I am sure that I would memorize that after a while, but for that to happen it would have to be easier to use.

In the Woods.

Now, I have to acknowledge that BBAF has its uses. And it is definitely an awesome Function that I wish my Camera would support natively, but it does not.

And until I have a Camera that does, I probably will not enable it again.

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