Fotos with ‘F’.

Lately, I have started to write the word Foto with an ‘F’ in the beginning. Most English Speakers know that you usually write the word beginning with ‘Ph’, as in Photos.

But I am from Germany. And in the German Language, we write Photos with an F.

Osterodes Tourist Information.

Regular Readers of this Blog might have noticed that I never ever translate location names or other local things. Like the Harzer Wandernadel. Or the Oberharzer Teiche.

I would also never call Den Hague ‘The Hague’. That is just not the Name of a Dutch City I have never been to.

In Osterode.

But that is not the reason I write Fotos with an ‘F’. Back in the Day, when I started this Blog, I had to decide on a Name for it. And back then, I chose Robin Ho Fotos because my Name is Robin Hogreve and because I like Photography.

Back then, I wrote Fotos with an ‘F’ because I am German. Nowadays I just do it for Continuity. And because I am German.

The Weather was beautiful today.

And now you should know why I write Fotos with an ‘F’ instead of Photos with ‘Ph’. And I will definitely stick with it.

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