Respect Nature.

I love the Harz. And Nature plays a huge Part in that Relationship. It is the most important Thing in the Harz, alongside with the very interesting Heritage of the Area. Nature has to be treated with the utmost Respect at all times.

But there are a lot of People that just do not see it the same Way as I do. They litter, light fires where they are not supposed to and generally break all the Rules that were put into effect to protect Nature.

Somewhere in the Harz.

Another big Problem is Hikers wandering off the beaten Path and destroying Plants and Animal Nests in the process. And all that just to get a few good Fotos.

You can also get great Shots without destroying the Environment in the Process.

Another Reason for People to leave the Trail is because they get Lost. And that really is a bad Idea. When you leave the Path, you usually get even more Lost. It is always a good Idea to bring some Maps of the Area you are Exploring.

Nature is Important.

The worst Disrespect anyone can do though, in my Opinion, is Littering. People just leave their Garbage everywhere. It is so bad that the Nationalpark Harz started a Campaign for Hikers to collect Trash in exchange for getting a Special Wandernadel Stamp.

I personally do not understand why People leave their Garbage everywhere. They are perfectly able to carry Bags full of Food or filled Bottles around all the time. But once the stiff is empty, it seems to become way too heavy all the sudden.

Near Festenburg.

It is really important to be respectful with Nature. It is not hard to follow the Rules. Stay on the Path, take your Trash with you and have a good time exploring Nature. That way, we all can enjoy it.

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