Avoid Forest Fires.

There are many Forests here in the Harz, and a lot of them are Spruce Monocultures or other Needled Trees.

And just like in every other heavily wooded Area, there is always the Risk of Forest Fires. And while the Fires here are lower in Number and smaller in Size than those, for example, in California, but they still do happen.

In the Woods.

So far, our local Fire Departments are doing a great Job in my opinion. But with the Forest Fire Risk going up, mostly due to Climate Change, we all have to do our best to to avoid Fires from starting.

The easiest Steps you can take are to avoid littering, smoking in the Forest and lighting any sorts of Fires, like Barbecues or Camp Fires.

Dead Trees in the Harz.

It is also very important to report existing Forest Fires as soon and as accurate as possible, so that it is easier to keep them from spreading.

Important Informations include the Size of the Fire and its Location. Firefighters need know everything they can, so that they are able to fight those Fires more easily.

I love the Forest.

There are many other Reasons why Forest Fires start that we cannot Control. Like the Weather, or spontaneous self Combustion. And yes, that can actually happen. Even Trains can spark Fires, for example through hot Brakes.

Another Risk Factor here in the Harz is old Ammunition left behind during World War II unexploded Bombs and Phosphorus Grenades are becoming increasingly unstable over Time and do pose some Risk for starting Fires.

One time, even the Removal of such Ammunitions caused a smaller Fire here in the Harz.

Some Fire Trucks in Osterode.

It is very important to minimize the Impact and Number of accidental Fires, so that those Fires that happen for the afore mentioned Reasons can be contained more easily with more Fire Fighters being able to attend.

Fighting Forest Fires is a hard Job. Keeping them from happening is a lot easier.

Thanks for being Respectful with Nature and doing your best to Protect it.

Here is the Forest Fire Risk Map for Germany: https://www.dwd.de/DE/leistungen/waldbrandgef/waldbrandgef.html

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2 thoughts on “Avoid Forest Fires.”

  1. I know this too well: here in British Columbia we have had some horrific fires that wiped out millions of hectares. This year we are doing well so far, what with the damp weather and most people staying in because of COVID. But the year is not over yet!

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    1. Apparently, COVID-19 is good for the environment because a lot of people stay home.
      Also, with the 13,513.1 square kilometres burned in BC in 2018 according to Wikipedia, the Harz with its 2,226 square kilometres would be gone around 6 times. That is a lot of Forest.


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