To the Kleine Oker. [HWN 149]

Today, after finding out that I did not have to go to work, and also after getting quite a bit of Stuff done, I headed to Altenau in the Harz to grab me yet another Wandernadel Stamp.

I decided to just go for one Stamp today though, at the Kleine Oker. That Stempelstelle is numbered 149 in the System. And it is the 30iest overall Stamp in my Collection. Now I only need 20 more to become a ‘Wanderkönig’.

In the Forest.

After arriving in Altenau, I actually did not start my Hike right away. There were more Emails to be sent and Calls to be answered. But after sitting around in my Car for about half an hour, I then left to get me that Stamp.

On the Way to the Kleine Oker, I was able to completely unwind for a short while. There were sounds of flowing Water and singing Birds pretty much everywhere. It was awesome.

I really love the Forest.

After Hiking for a while and being Creative along the Way, I then arrived at the small Witches Hut at the Kleine Oker Stempelstelle. I can definitely imagine that place looking quite spooky when there is some Fog.

Today though, there was absolutely no Fog. So the Area was just very beautiful. I really loved it there. I took way too many Fotos and Videos. But my actual Stamp turned out really bad. There was way too much Ink on it, and all you can see in my Wanderpass is a big blob of Blue.

The Stempelstelle and the Witches Hut.

On the Way back to the Car, I then walked along the Dammgraben for a while. I really love it to be next to the Water. Especially when it is flowing and gurgling and making all kinds of other Water Sounds.

After a while, and after coming past a pack of what I assumed to be Forestry Students, I took the same Road down the into the Valley that I took to get up.

Only that I cut into a Path that lead me past a Skiing Hut and then to a watery Wildlife Preserve.

The black Water at the Biotope.

That little Pond was actually a little creepy. Its Water was pretty much all black and it was eerily silent in the Area. But it was also kinda beautiful. I really do love all Nature.

During my Hike, I noticed that there were quite a few Benches strewn along the Way. I did not use any of them, but I thought them as a nice touch. There were also quite a few Hunting Stands.

One of the Benches.

I had a great Time on my Hike today. And even though I only got one Stamp, it was awesome. And afterwards, I drove back to Clausthal, got a little more Stuff done and then headed to the Gym.

And since I am now on Stamp 30 of 222, I just need 20 more to get to my next Wandernadel Level and become a ‘Wanderkönig’. And I am pretty sure that is going to take me quite a while.

The Video is not done yet. It will come over the next few days.

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