The best 3 Places in the Harz. 2020 Edition.

I really do love spending Time in the Harz. But there are definitely Places that I enjoy more than others, and that is perfectly normal.

You will probably find loads of Lists about the best Places in the Harz online. This is my List though, and it might be different from yours or others on the Web.

Buntenbock and the Teiche.

Buntenbock itself is nothing Special. In Fact, it is just a small Village between Osterode and Clausthal. But it is also not what is awesome about the general Area.

There are a lot of Teiche in the Harz. But the biggest Cluster of them lies between Buntenbock and Clausthal. It is called the Buntenbocker Teiche. And it is absolutely beautiful.

And then there is the Ziegenberger Teich and the Swedish Hut next to it. That one is my absolute favourite Teich. You can walk all the Way around it, and it is awesome.

I also like the Prinzenteich, but it is not my Favourite anymore.

The Oderteich.

I have always loved it to spend some Time at the Oderteich, even before I enjoyed it to spend Time in the Woods.

There is always a Foto Op to be had at the Oderteich. And I just recently discovered the other Side of the Dam, so I will probably spend some more Time at the Oderteich in the near Future.

It is also starting to get Wintery here in the Harz, and I absolutely love the Sound of the Ice at the Oderteich. It is so awesome.

Schulenberg & Festenburg.

I have to admit, this Area is a big one. It stretches all the Way from Festenburg to Schulenberg and on into the Okertal.

It is one of the most beautiful Stretches of Valley in the Harz though, and it has many different Features. From Teiche and Cliffs to a White Water Course and a Waterfall, there really is everything.

And you can also go Hiking there for Hours. There are still so many Trails I have not yet been on. And I am looking forward to crossing a few more off my List.

At the Prinzenteich.

There are many more beautiful Areas in the Harz, like Torfhaus and the Brocken. But those are slightly overrated and mostly overrun on most Days, even during these Times.

There are also a lot of Places, especially in the Eastern Harz, that I still want to Explore. I have never seen the Blue Lake. Or the Sandstone Coves. I would also really love it to take the Selketalbahn once.

But most of that has to Wait because of currently ongoing Closures in the Harz. The Brockenbahn is not running for example, and a lot of other Places are closed as well.

But I also understand why that has to be, so please do not Complain about it to me. I can not help, and I also will not do it.

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