Trains, Delays and changed Plans.

Today, I took a Train for the very first Time this Year. And it was weird.

And I am not talking about the Restrictions in Place. Yes, I wore my Mask pretty much all day long today, but that was actually bearable. I had a few Changers with me. It was just very empty pretty much everywhere.

In a Train.

I had to go to Dortmund for a Test. And that was good, I applied for the Position there after all. But it was also a real Journey.

I left this Morning around 8am, and had I stuck with my original Plan, and not changed that yesterday evening after some deliberation, I would not have arrived back home until tomorrow Morning at the same Time.

The first Part of my Train Ride today went pretty much smoothly. I was in Dortmund a little late, but I had planned around that. I know that the Deutsche Bahn does not have the best Track Record on Punctuality. (*Pun intended.)

In Dortmund.

The Subway System in Dortmund was very confusing to me. All the Trains ran from the same Platform. But in the End, I made to my Destination like a German. In Fact, I was a little early.

The Subway was also quite crowded though, and because I had some Time before I had to be at my appointment, I had actually skipped two Trains that were just to Full.

And I have never liked full Subway Trains. They are a Pick Pockets Wonderland. I have never been stolen from, but it is always in the back of my Head when I Travel.

In front of Dortmund Hauptbahnhof.

The Appointment only ran until 4pm, but that meant that I would be unable to take the 4.30pm Train, or at least I thought so.

My Original Plan had me Waiting in Dortmund until 12am, and I am Glad that I was able to change that. But in the End, that would have probably been a little less Stressful.

A Train pulling into Dortmund Hauptbahnhof.

The Track was closed somewhere in Hannover for completely unrelated Reasons, and the Train I had to take because of my Ticket had to take a mighty Detour.

In the End, it was over 30 Minutes late, and I almost had to take a Taxi Home. There was a Bus still going from Herzberg to Osterode though, and I was able to take that.

Getting a Taxi that would have been Paid for by Metronom (because their Train was delayed and made me miss the last Train Home) would have taken over an Hour longer, because all the Taxi Businesses seemed to be closed.

And now I can not fall asleep. Because I actually was able to get some Shut Eye on the Ride from Dortmund to Hannover, that was also Delayed, even if only by five Minutes.

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