Berlin & Potsdam.

Last Week, I travelled to Dortmund for a Test. I do not have any Results yet, but I think it went well. Today, I did the same in Potsdam. That is near Berlin for those who do not know.

It again started early this Morning, just before 8am, when I boarded the Regionalbahn to Braunschweig. I arrived there on Time and then headed to the next Platform over to step into the ICE that would take me to Berlin.

An ICE in Berlin.

While my Test was in Potsdam, it was cheaper, and also way easier, to take a Connection directly into Berlin and then continue on with the S-Bahn.

And I have to say, Potsdam is actually quite beautiful. There are some derelict Areas, but those appear everywhere. It actually felt more like a small Town then a big City.

There is just so much Green in the Area. And it was actually quite clean, unlike many Areas in the Harz where Hikers always leave their Trash.

The Station in Potsdam.

After that Test, I took the Train back into Berlin, and because it was already getting Dark, thank Winter for that, I did not do much of anything else.

I did however have some Dinner and Photographed/ Filmed some Trains. I really do like Trains.

And since it was already getting Dark, I also was able to do some more Train Long Exposures. And one even turned out how I wanted it to turn out. And I only had a shaky Lamp Post as a Tripod.

A Train and the Fernsehturm.

The Train Ride back Home off course went a little rougher than I would have liked, but it was a Piece of Cake compared to last Weeks Trip. I only had to sprint to one Train.

Somehow the very fast ICE had caught a bit of Delay, about 3 Minutes, on the Way to Braunschweig from Berlin, despite there being only one intermediate Stop in Spandau.

But over all, I think my Journey today went quite well.

An S-Bahn Stop.

I do not only enjoy it to look at Trains and Nerd Out about them, it is also enjoyable to take them usually. It is a way more relaxed kind of Traveling then going by Car, or by Bus.

And it is very easy to get from Osterode to Berlin. You only have to Change Trains once. Maybe I will visit again, for a few Days, once it is safer, and allowed to, Travel for Pleasure.

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