Winter Photography.

I absolutely love Winter, and Snow is a huge Part of the Season. And is the Cold, which I also find enjoyable at Times.

I also really enjoy Winter Photography. It is a lot of Fun to Capture all the White and make it look good.

A Teich near Festenburg.

Snowy Landscapes just have something special to them. I absolutely enjoy walking around through Nature and just soak it all in while doing some Photography.

I sometimes even enjoy the Cold a lot, even though my Camera really does not. Its Batteries last shorter then when it warmer Outside. But since I try to always have Spare Batteries with me anyhow, that is not a real Problem.

Sometimes, I do forget my Toque though. And then I find being outdoors less enjoyable. I should also bring a Scarf more often to protect my Throat.

Near Clausthal.

A while ago, I started to really enjoy Woodland, or more specifically Tree Trunk Photography. All those straight Spruce Trees we have here in the Harz make an awesome Pattern.

And with Snow on the Ground and on the Trees, Fotos can look even better.

I had to do some research, but apparently the Snow only sticks to one Side of the Tree Trunk because the Wind prohibits it from doing so on the other Sides.

A Snow Plough.

While I really love Snow on the Paths and in the Forests, I really do not want any on the Streets.

Snow is not nice to drive on, and it actually makes motoring more Dangerous because it lowers Friction between the Tires and the Road. I had a Sliding Session once, and it was definitely not enjoyable.

In Fact, it was quite scary, even though it happened at a very low Speed. That Sense of Powerlessness really is nothing nice.

A Road near Festenburg.

Winter Photography off Course has its very own Challenges. Light Metering gets affected by the Snow, White Balance can seem to be off and the Cold drains your Batteries.

But when you know of those Challenges, they are quite manageable and sometimes even avoidable.

Winter at the Oderteich.

I absolutely love Winter Photography. It is as unique as it is beautiful. It is also a little Challenging.

You have to pay more Attention to everything so that your Fotos turn out right and also so that you do not Slip and Fall.

But other than that m Winter Photography is a lot of fun.

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