The Harz.

I really love the Harz. It is awesome to just wander through the Woods and discover the Area just by myself or with some Company. But ever since it had started snowing a lot here in Germany, I have not been.

That is just about two Weeks ago, but I absolutely miss it already. I really want to Find more Teiche and Explore some Heritage. Since I have not driven the Car in a while though, I guess I would need to charge its Battery first, or else it probably would not turn on.

My Shadow on a Teich.

The Harz is one of the most Places I have ever been to, and I am undoubtedly lucky to call it my Home. It is nice to live where others make their Holidays.

In the Wintertime, it is usually absolutely packed though. And that is always annoying. You can never get a Parking Spot and People are being very disrespectful with Nature. They just leave their Trash everywhere.

I have no Idea why People do that, but please just take your Garbage back out of the Woods with you. It is really that easy.

Summer at the Oderteich.

Another Thing I really miss is the smell of the Forest. All those Essential Oils and Resins in the Trees and all the other Plants just have their very own special Scent to them. And I absolutely love that Woodsy Aroma.

But that usually only really comes out in the Summertime when it is warm outside. The Cold just hardens all those beautiful Smellmakers and keeps the, from releasing their Happiness.

But after every Winter, there comes a new Summer. I will definitely smell that Smell again.

Hiking in the Harz.

I also really miss it to collect Wandernadel Stempel in the Harz. It has been a while since I last did that. And it is usually quite a bit of Fun to walk around Hunting for the next Wandernadel.

But since there are also many beautiful Places in the Harz that do not have a Stempelstelle and I like to Focus on those more recently, I think that might actually take me a While.

Wandernadel Trails can also be very Full during the Season, especially when the Weather is good.

At my favourite Teich.

I will probably get to Explore the Harz again soon, but for now I have other Things to do. And my Car probably will not turn on without some electric Persuasion.

I am definitely exited about what has yet to Come though. So stay tuned.

Glück Auf!

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