Not getting a Stempel

Ever since I got that Sonderstempel for the Harzer Wandernadel here in Osterode yesterday, my Interest in collecting those flared up once again.

And so, after finding out the Location of yet another Sonderstempel at the Sösetalsperre, I was on my Way to grab that after work today. Things did not turn out as planned. That was actually a bit annoying.

Today at the Talsperre.

The easiest Way to that Sonderstempel would have lead me across the Dam of the Talsperre and then just a little further along its Shoreline.

Getting across that Dam was, off Course, no Problem at all. There were a few People around, but I got to where I needed to be without as much as a Hiccup.

But along the Way, I had noticed something that looked like a Barricade at the End of the Dam on the Bridge going across the Overflow. I was not worried about it though.

Some Motorcycles on the Road.

On the Way, I took some Fotos, enjoyed the Sunshine and just had a great Time in general. There were a few People coming the other Way, but there was nothing unusual about that.

The Weather was beautiful, and I just enjoyed being there in the Moment.

After a while, I then reached the end of the Dam to make my Way across that little Bridge that takes the Path over the Overflow. And that is where my Heart sank a little. There was actually a Barrier.

Close to the Overflow.

But I continued on, as I was unable to actually read the Sign affixed to the Barrier. It could have been a ‘Continue at your own Risk’ or a ‘Closed starting Tomorrow’ after all.

Sometimes, you just do not get Lucky though.

The Sign it was nothing of those Things. It was straight up of the ‘No Trespassing’ kind. There was a great Reason for it being there though. Tree Felling Operations.

The Barrier.

Apparently, the Forestry Services are or were cutting down Dead Trees in the Area. A lot of Logs where lying around unsecured on the Hillside. And even though I did not hear any Work going on, I did not want to Risk it.

The Sign called out a Danger to my Bodily Well-being after all. In Fact, there was a Lebensgefahr warning. And that means a Danger to Life. Also, I generally adhere to ‘No Trespassing’ Signs.

If I am honest, it was about Time though. The Harz is full of Dead Beatle Trees, and those can Pose a Danger to Hikers, especially in the more Mountainous and Steep Areas in the Harz.

Along the Dam.

I was not even Mad about not getting my Sonderstempel today though. Sure, it was a little Disappointing, but I can still get it until mid April. And it gives me an Excuse to go back to the Sösetalsperre. That Place is actually quite beautiful.

Just being Outdoors in the Sun was really Nice today, and that Stempel would have just been that little Extra.

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